About us

Sutrimex is a premier Brazilian agribusiness company dedicated to producing, processing, and exporting the finest limes and mangoes. Our commitment to quality and sustainability sets us apart as a leader in the global market.

Our Farms

Mango Farms in Petrolina: Nestled in the heart of Petrolina, our mango orchards thrive in the ideal climate of northeastern Brazil. Known for its rich soil and ample sunshine, Petrolina is the perfect location for cultivating sweet, juicy mangoes that meet the highest standards of flavor and freshness.

Lime Farms in Minas Gerais and São Paulo Countryside: Our lime orchards are strategically located in the lush regions of Minas Gerais and the São Paulo countryside. These areas provide the perfect environment for growing vibrant, zesty limes that are renowned for their exceptional quality and taste.

Processing Excellence

At Sutrimex, we take pride in our advanced processing facilities, which are situated close to our farms. These state-of-the-art facilities ensure that our limes and mangoes are meticulously cleaned, sorted, and packed, preserving their freshness and ensuring they meet rigorous international standards.

Global Reach

With headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, and strategic offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Dubai, UAE, we are perfectly positioned to serve our customers in Europe and the UK. Our robust logistics network guarantees that our produce reaches you swiftly and in perfect condition, maintaining the highest levels of quality from farm to table.

Sustainability and Innovation

We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices that protect our environment and ensure the long-term health of our orchards.

Our initiatives include:

  • Water-efficient irrigation systems
  • Organic fertilizers and integrated pest management
  • Agroforestry practices that promote biodiversity

Our Promise

Quality, sustainability, and reliability are the cornerstones of Tropical Fresh Export Ltd. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our journey from farm to your table. Join us in savoring the freshness and flavor of Brazil’s finest limes and mangoes.

Experience the best of Brazil’s produce with Sutrimex Group – your trusted partner in fresh fruit excellence.